Identity Theft

Identity theft is more than just a financial hassle. It consumes vast amounts of time and demands tremendous resources, such as documentation, records, and legal papers. Your credit may be cut off, and you may have liens placed against your assets. If you fall victim to identity theft, you need professional assistance to make things right.

Coverage Options

An identity theft insurance policy in Connecticut can help. It can provide coverage for your expenses related to credit restoration, monitoring of public records and credit reports, replacement of identity documents, phone bills, lost work time and more. Most insurers provide specialized resolution services, including guidance on dealing with creditors, financial institutions, credit bureaus, and government agencies.


You can often add identity theft coverage to your homeownersor rentersinsurance policy for a very low price. With one call to your Evans, Pires & Leonard advisor, you could have protection added very quickly. Identity theft insurance can be added to mobile home coverage and condominium unit owners insurance, too. If you have a high-value homeowners insurance policy, you might have identity theft already included, but if not, it almost surely can be appended.

Having your identity stolen can be costly and stressful without the right support. For just pennies a day, you can bring some relief to an otherwise devastating event.

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