Errors & Omissions

People expect the best from those they hire, so when they experience harm or injury as a result of an error or omission by a professional, they often demand recompense. If the injury or property damage is severe, a settlement could be financially devastating. Often, legal bills alone are enough to destroy a business. At Evans, Pires & Leonard, we have been protecting professional firms for two generations and can provide errors and omissions insurance in Connecticut that will serve you well.

What Is Covered?

An errors and omissions insurance policy (E&O) is a must for all professional practices and should be part of the insurance portfolio of any contractor who also provides design services. An E&O insurance policy, sometimes referred to as a professional liability policy or malpractice insurance, can help professionals pay for costs that fall outside of their general liability insurance protection.

Costs incurred for settlements, damage awards and defense costs are typically covered under errors & omissions insurance. Some insurers offer policies that provide legal defense costs outside of liability limits, meaning attorneys fees won’t eat away at what’s available to pay settlements or damages. It’s even possible, depending on the policy, to get legal expenses paid for from the first dollar forward.

If you are interested in covering work you did before initiating a policy, this can be accommodated under prior acts coverage. Most E&O policies exclude punitive damages and limit coverage for the services of independent contractors, so we will dig deeply into your staffing arrangements and operations to make sure the coverage is tailored to your needs.

Who Is Eligible?

Many professional classes can be covered under E&O insurance, including graphics designers, printers, consultants, investment advisors, physicians, lawyers, architects, accountants and more. We also have policies that are designed for professionals who are winding down their careers but want coverage that will stick during their retirement.

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    E&O insurance is essential for professionals.

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