Environmental/Pollution Liability

Environmental/Pollution Liability

Environmental contamination doesn’t have to mean a massive fuel spill in coastal waters. It can be simply the release of noxious gases that close down a shopping center or the contamination of a well system through the application of herbicides or pesticides. If your company deals with fuel, paints, corrosives, medical waste, or other potential contaminants, your liability for an accident could be very expensive.

Eligible Classes

A commercial general liability insurance policy usually excludes coverage for notification, clean-up, and restitution for bodily injuries, property damage or income lost by someone else because of a pollution event for which you are liable. You need pollution liability insurance, sometimes know as pollution legal liability insurance or environmental insurance.

At Evans, Pires & Leonard, we have been insuring businesses for two generations. We have policies to fit environmental risk profiles in many different business sectors and can cover your property as well as your liability to others. Policies are available for owners and operators, and eligible clients include contractors, auto dealers and repairers, janitorial companies, golf courses, agribusinesses, manufacturers, recyclers and more. We have policies that can insure storage tanks, transporters of hazardous contents, and environmental professional liability. In some sectors, we can place pollution liability within a tailored insurance program that bundles your most essential coverages.

Available Coverages

Our pollution liability insurance can cover both sudden and gradual incidents for on-site and off-site occurrences in many industries. We also offer policies with extended reporting periods that respond to “long-tail” risks—pollution events that take a long time to manifest themselves. If you have properties that you’re acquiring or selling that may have environmental risks, we offer environmental site liability insurance. It is appropriate for commercial property owners and developers as well as those who use real estate as an investment tool. For the many businesses that have vacant, undeveloped, or very old properties, we can propose solutions for any potential pollution problems.

Let us review your operations and properties and advise you on an excellent environmental liability protection plan.

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