Flood Insurance

In recent years, Connecticut has been hit hard by devastating flood damage. Not only are areas along the river and coast vulnerable to flooding, but also areas not typically considered flood zones have experienced damage. That’s why at Evans, Pires & Leonard, we offer our customers an evaluation of their flood exposure and options to protect against damage that can occur from torrential rains and storms.

Flood insurance options are available.

We can provide you with insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which covers direct physical damage to your insured property from floodwater up to $250,000. It normally doesn’t insure the contents of a home, although we can provide additional enhancements up to $100,000. We also have access to alternative markets for areas that are prone to flooding, with coverage that would be better suited for the exposures they face.

Residents with high-valued homes should opt to purchase excess flood insurance in Connecticut, which can substantially increase the limits of coverage for both the structure and its contents. An excess flood policy can also provide money for additional living expenses while your property is restored. In addition, we have markets that write coastal and river homes, such as in Essex and Chester, Connecticut, and non-coastal homes in any flood zone; and secondary homes, rental homes, and condominium units.

Remember, your standard homeowners policy doesn’t cover damage from flood, even if you have a sump pump rider and sewage and backup coverage. A Flood policy will also cover damage from mudflow that results from a current of water.

Our staff will consult federal flood maps to find your flood zone to determine your insurance cost, the type of coverage you need, and the amounts of coverage for areas of your home that lie below the lowest elevated floor, such as basements.

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